The API Innovation Center (APIIC) is proud to be a founding member of the Duke-Margolis Consortium, whose mission is to identify effective policy solutions that promote a resilient drug supply chain with advanced manufacturing capabilities that will reduce the frequency and severity of drug shortages. The APIIC is a non-profit entity in St. Louis focused on strengthening the domestic pharmaceutical drug supply chain through coordinated partnerships like this one.

Tony Sardella, Chair of the APIIC, is part of their advisory group, which includes experts in supply chain, manufacturing, regulatory science, and national security, and drug shortages from academic, private industry and governmental agencies (as observers).

The nation’s over-reliance on foreign-sourced pharmaceutical manufacturing and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) has created a public health and national security risk. Over 100 drugs are currently on the FDA drug shortage list. Drug delays and shortages can cause significant disruption to patient care. Through work with the Consortium, the APIIC will contribute knowledge on APIs and advanced manufacturing to develop recommendations to reduce the frequency and severity of drug shortages.

The initial work of the Consortium will include:

  • Supporting a coordinated and sustained federal effort to promote drug supply chain resilience and advanced manufacturing.
  • Proposing measurement and tracking mechanisms for drug supply chain resilience.
  • Exploring additional policy and practical approaches to improve drug supply chain resilience; and
  • Promoting the increased adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies.

The APIIC looks forward to the collaborative work that partnering with the Drug Supply Chain Resilience and Advanced Manufacturing Consortium and its founding members will achieve.

To learn more about the Drug Supply Chain Resilience and Advanced Manufacturing Consortium and other founding members, visit:

About APIIC:

The API Innovation Center is a non-profit organization headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, dedicated to delivering market-competitive commercial supply of US-made Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to address national health security. By fostering collaboration among a network of companies, academic and research institutions, and startups, the APIIC stewards innovations in advanced manufacturing and enables solutions for drug supply chain fragility. The Center also works to create a diverse talent pipeline by partnering with local educational and apprenticeship programs that target underrepresented communities. To learn more about APIIC, visit:

About Duke-Margolis:

The mission of the Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy at Duke University is to improve health, health equity, and the value of health care through practical, innovative, and evidence-based policy solutions. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @DukeMargolis.