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Join Our Center of Excellence Ecosystem.

Joining as a Strategic Partner with APIIC offers a range of opportunities to network, contribute to the industry, collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders, and actively engage in the advancement of pharmaceuticals and advanced manufacturing. Fill out the form and our team will be in touch.


There are many ways to be involved in our collaborative ecosystem,
either as an individual contributor or as an organization.

Organizations and contributing individuals within our network currently:
• Connect and collaborate with peers within the APIIC ecosystem to solve recurring issues.
• Contribute to APIIC advisory committees on U.S. Manufacturing Capabilities, API Molecule Selection, Domestic Manufacturing, Supply Chain Sustainability, and other key topics.
• Guide conversations around advanced manufacturing technology adoption, research and development, and API supply chain security.
• Contribute to position papers, journal articles, and media commentary regarding critical pharmaceuticals and advanced manufacturing.
• Lead STEM education programs with local schools, colleges, and universities.
• Support high-growth entrepreneurship and technology innovation.
• Educate lawmakers and policymakers on the benefits of advanced manufacturing of pharmaceuticals as a pathway to strengthen national security and the domestic supply chain.
• Shape policy and champion APIIC Center of Excellence best practices.