On October 13th, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the “Inside Missouri Tech and Innovation” event at Cortex in St. Louis. This event educated state lawmakers and business leaders about the state of advanced technology and innovation in Missouri. The core focus was national security and how to maximize Missouri’s position as the emerging tech hub in the country. 

Tony Sardella, CEO and President of the API Innovation Center (APIIC), lead a panel of API R&D and manufacturing experts at attended the event and discussed the Center’s work in de-risking the adoption of advanced continuous flow manufacturing to successfully reshore production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.  the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing sector. 

Sardella stated, “The API Innovation Center is presenting today its mission to reshore the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients in our medicines back to the United States. Missouri is well-positioned to satisfy this need for the country and as such we are looking to do more to build our national security by producing these drugs in Missouri.”

To learn more about this event hosted by the Microsoft Technology Center, read the Missouri Chamber’s article or watch this video.